The Most Affordable VR Gun Accessory Released by StrikerVR

The Mavrik-Pro, produced by StrikerVR, a renowned manufacturer of haptic VR firearms, is the company’s most economical offering to date. The business claims that it still intends to offer a consumer version of the new pistol next year, even though it will still primarily target VR attractions.

The best haptic virtual reality weapons are produced by StrikerVR and may be found at the best VR attractions. Even if the peripheral has a powerful punch, smaller venues and consumers may find it difficult to justify the price of the expensive device.

With the Mavrik-Pro haptic VR gun, which is already available for pre-order via VR attractions and is anticipated to ship in October, StrikerVR intends to change that. It has a $1,000 price tag even though it is the company’s most cheap peripheral to date. The business claims, however, that it would provide the firearm to customers the following year at a (unknown) discounted price point and in a larger selection of colors. That would obviously need to be supported by at least some consumer-level VR games, though there is currently no information on that.

The Mavrik-Pro contains three smaller haptic engines inside as opposed to StrikerVR’s flagship weapon, which contained a single, enormous engine. The main “Thunder” recoil module is for powerful blasts, and it is combined with a “Cricket” module for softer haptics in the front and back grips. The business claims that the pistol accessory offers enhanced haptic fidelity and gives developers more options for effects because it has more haptic modules on board. Additionally, the new product provides more inputs, allowing programmers to design a greater variety of potential interactions between gamers and the peripheral.

The Mavrik-Pro adds two buttons at the front of the weapon in addition to a touchpad at the front and a button near the trigger (smartly mirrored on both sides to be ambidextrous) so that players have more ways to interact with the game’s content (other than, ya know… shooting stuff).

Picture from StrikerVR
They didn’t, however, stop there. The Mavrik-Pro also has a ton of capacitive-sensing regions, which will help designers depict how the rifle is held more realistically and maybe incorporate complex player interactions. The capacitive zones are located in the handle, under the rear grip, along the bottom bar of the pistol, at the foregrip, and even along the top back of the weapon.

Picture from StrikerVR
The cannon also has a top-plate that can be removed and has mounting hardware underneath so that it may be modified to fit a variety of tracking systems.

Developers might design a variety of reload interactions using these extra sensing regions, such as slapping the bottom of the rear grip to secure a magazine, pumping the area underneath the body to simulate a shotgun, or pushing the rear of the gun to simulate a slide or charging handle. Naturally, the developer would need to put some serious thought into this with the aid of StrikerVR’s SDK for Unity & Unreal.

An illustration of a virtual skin for the peripheral that has a number of firing options that can be activated by the different inputs the gun can receive.

StrikerVR has been developing and selling its gun peripherals for many years. Although they haven’t yet succeeded in selling to consumers, the company has at least had plenty of time to battle test its products in the VR arcade market, which should result in a well-refined product by the time it does.

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