The Leaked Apple Watch Pro case Tips

Toy Game Tech is back with another size comparison in the ongoing Apple Watch Pro leaks, this time releasing pictures of allegedly 49mm Apple Watch Pro cases next to allegedly smaller Series 7 and future Series 8 covers. The Apple Watch Pro appears to be significantly larger than the company’s current 45mm and 41mm Series 7 watches, as well as the reported Series 8 that is also anticipated to be unveiled on Wednesday.

The size comparison comes in the wake of yesterday’s leaked cases and CAD drawings, which revealed a new key to the left of the Apple Watch Pro’s flat display, as well as a new protrusion to the right housing a mic, button, and Digital Crown that now appears to be better protected from accidental presses — something that could easily happen when worn by the outdoor athletes this watch is allegedly targeting. The sketches were later verified by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

The larger display, battery, and tough titanium case of the Apple Watch Pro, according to Gurman, “probably won’t appeal to many buyers, as it’s going to be bigger than most wrists.” 49mm would, in fact, be too big for some people as well as too tiny for others.

For instance, the 47mm Garmin Epix 2 is a little too tiny for me because I’m six feet tall, sporty, and prefer larger 51mm casings. However, my coworker Victoria discovered that the 41mm Garmin Fenix 7S Sapphire Solar was ideal for her narrower wrists. Garmin watches are spherical, though, so we’ll have to wait and see if it makes a difference when the Apple Watch Pro is released.

The Apple Watch Pro and Series 8 gadgets are anticipated to be unveiled on Wednesday along with the new iPhone 14, which The Verge will be covering live.

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