The Gopro Hero 11 Black Mini Will Launch As A More Compact, Possibly Less Expensive Counterpart To The Hero 11 Black

While the GoPro Hero 11 Black appears to be a slight improvement over the Hero 10 Black from a year ago, GoPro is also expected to release a new action camera later this month. The Hero 11 Black Mini appears to be the smaller, less expensive brother or sister of the Hero 11 Black.

Recently, information on the GoPro Hero 11 Black has emerged. The next action camera appears to be a minor update to the Hero 10 Black, but the GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini suggests the company is working on a brand-new action camera.

They will be launching the Hero 11 Black Mini with the Hero 11 Black, as disclosed by Roland Quandt of Winfuture. The Hero 11 Black Mini will be a scaled-down version of the larger Hero 11 Black, as suggested by its name. The two displays are completely eliminated, but the overall design of GoPro’s most current cameras is kept. Instead, it has a mount and a Bluetooth button on the front, which is likely for a working smartphone connection.

According to the stolen photos, the Hero 11 Black Mini and the Hero 11 Black, Hero 10 Black, and Hero 9 Black may all be fully compatible with each other’s accessories. Although GoPro buyers will be hoping it’s packed with the new 27 MP sensor claimed for the Hero 11 Black, the smaller chassis appears to signal a smaller battery. The Hero 11 Black Mini is anticipated to make its debut with the Hero 11 Black later this month, and given the hardware constraints, it may also be anticipated to be considerably less expensive.

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