How to Make Your Own Dynamic Custom Gmail Themes now

Gmail has an all-too-familiar appearance for most people. However, with its pure white background and red accents, the default theme isn’t your only option. Gmail on the desktop comes with a variety of pre-installed themes from Google. High contrast mode, solid colors with a night theme, and an extensive collection of eye-catching images are all options (via Google Support).

However, Gmail customization and personalization go beyond preloaded themes. You can create your own Gmail theme and truly personalize it. A photo of your choice can be turned into the background in just a few simple steps. You can also change the color of the text background, adjust the blur levels, and add a vignette. Furthermore, the accents change automatically to match the new theme.

Custom themes are supported on the desktop. The Gmail app on Android and iOS only supports the default Light and Dark modes. Here’s how to make your own custom Gmail themes.

How to make your own Gmail theme

There are a range of backgrounds in the built-in image database, ranging from cityscapes to nature. You may also upload and customize your own photographs into themes.

Log in to your Gmail account (Mac, Windows, or Linux) on your computer. Launch the panel with the collection of pre-installed themes from the fast settings menu. After that, select View All to bring up a box with dozens of themes titled “Pick your theme.” Choose one of the pre-designed themes from here. Alternatively, choose the More Images button to see hundreds of high-resolution backgrounds. Look for the three gray icons next to the cancel and Save buttons when you’ve chosen one.

They, in turn, control the text, vignette filter, and blur settings. You can change the text background from Light to Dark to improve readability. The Vignette filter darkens the corners when tweaked. Finally, adjusting the blur level reduces the distracting nature of the background.

Upload a custom or personal photo to Google Photos before using it as the background image (via Google Support). Find the My photos button in the “Pick your theme” window’s left corner. Select a photo you’ve already uploaded to Google Photos in the “Select your background image” section. The Vignette, blur, and text background settings can then be changed by repeating steps 5-8. When you’re finished, click Save to apply your new Gmail theme.

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