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@GarbonZoni haha, it was probably the best game I tried out that night. Nice and simple concept and easy for my 2023 brain to understand

A lot of them didn't seem to work for some reason. I had the Atari wired up through the VCR which was outputting through scart (my TV/monitor doesn't have its own RF input) and some games would literally make the VCR drop it's signal output to the TV for some reason. Really weird!

@BAMozzy yeah it's a tough one, some are just classics though, like I love a bit of Breakout. Unfortunately my paddle controllers seemed a bit skittish so I may have to try and find some new ones


@ralphdibny To be honest, I can't play those type of games anymore. I spent hundreds of hours playing games like Arkanoid, Pac-Man, Galaga etc but now find them extremely shallow and boring to play. That's not surprising really when I have games with much more complex mechanics, story arcs, character development and a LOT more variety in Game-play etc to play these days. I lived through that era, played them when they were 'new', cutting edge etc.

They are 'Classics' because they were some of the 'best' games of that era but that's like saying the Model T Ford is a 'Classic' and therefore should be available for anyone to 'drive'. It should be 'preserved' and was 'very' important to the History of the Motorcar but technology has advanced significantly and I couldn't live with a Model T today - not when modern cars are so much 'better'.

I don't have any issue with them bringing these back as they were as a 'historical' package (like Rare Replay) to give people a chance to play and understand the History of these Publishers/Studio's but as IP's, I wouldn't want the exact same 'Game-play' - either just Res-boosted and/or boosted Frame Rates or as a 'remaster'. If the brought back 'Skiing' for example, I'd want something more like SSX or Steep's skiing - either Arcade style game-play or more 'Sim' based with 'Professional' Skiing disciplines - Cross Country, Jumping, Freestyle, downhill etc...

A pessimist is just an optimist with experience!

Why can't life be like gaming? Why can't I restart from an earlier checkpoint??

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@ralphdibny I can see it not been the easiest to get going on modern TV's. I played far too much Asteroids and Crystal Castles back in the day. Bentley Bear lol



Can't decide where to spend my money in the Xbox sale. I'm thinking of DMC5, Re Village, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5, or FF XV. I already have most of the RE games, and DMC4, so KH or FF on xbox would be new on the system for me. Anyone have hard strong recommendations for one or the other? Sell me on something I want to buy please 🙂


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