Say Hello To The 'World’s First Xbox Controller With Hall Effect Sticks'

GameSir has unveiled its latest Xbox accessory this week in the form of the G7 SE Wired Controller, and it's reportedly the "world's first Xbox controller with Hall Effect Sticks" - available right now for $44.99 / £49.99 / €59.99.

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If you're wondering what Hall Effect Sticks are, the idea behind them is that they shouldn't be prone to drifting as they use "non-contact magnetic sensors" to ensure durability and reliability.

Here's a good explanation courtesy of HLPlanet:

"Hall effect sensors use the Hall effect phenomenon to detect the position of the joystick. A small magnet is attached to the joystick and a Hall effect sensor is used to measure the voltage generated by the magnetic field. Hall effect sensors are more durable and have a longer lifespan than potentiometer-based joysticks, and they are also more accurate and precise. They are also more resistant to harsh environments."

In addition to the special sticks, the G7 SE Wired Controller also features back button quick latches and a swappable paint-friendly faceplate, which GameSir says "adds an extra layer of individuality to the gaming experience".

We'll throw some more details and screenshots for the controller down below:

"GameSir, a leading provider of innovative, high quality gaming peripherals, today launches its G7 SE Controller, a licensed Xbox controller featuring Hall Effect sticks. This groundbreaking controller offers gamers unparalleled precision and customization options, delivering an enhanced gaming experience across multiple platforms."

"The Anti-drift Hall Effect sticks use non-contact magnetic sensors, ensuring the sticks are extremely durable and reliable, to prevent wearing down prematurely and maintain pinpoint control for an extended time, particularly useful in FPS games. The precision-tuned triggers enable gamers to experience ultra-responsive, smooth, and accurate controls, enhancing gameplay and providing a competitive edge."

  • Working Platform: Xbox Series X |S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11
  • Connection: Wired, 3m detachable USB-C cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack: Yes
  • Micrphone Mute Button: Yes
  • ABXY Buttons: Membrane
  • Hall Effect Sticks: Yes
  • Analog Triggers: Yes, Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
  • Rumble Motors: Yes, 4 in total, in each grips and triggers
  • Back Buttons: Yes, 2 Back Buttons
  • Back Button Quick Latches: Yes, 2
  • Customization Software: Yes, GameSir Nexus
  • Battery: No
  • Product Size: 152*103*63 mm / 5.98*4.06*2.48 in
  • Net Weight: 221 g / 0.49 lbs

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