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@ralphdibny I'm so sorry! I missed your reply, I tend to not go on PureXbox a lot, and instead wait a couple of days and then catch up on a ton of articles. But yes please, I would like to be added.

Btw, I'm surprised everyone has already beaten the game. I thought since we had the whole month I could take my time and just mess around. I'm on the Pelagic II on Secret Agent. This game's difficulty spikes up fast.

I really like the overall feel of the game, it's really unique, but I'm a bit torn on Elvis. On one hand I'm glad that there's some humor, it adds to Perfect Dark's very weird and unsettling atmosphere and I hope its something that the developers remember when making the reboot, but Elvis seems a little too.. hmmm... kind of lol so random. But he's kind of cute so I don't hate him.

Anyways, I'll try to hurry though the rest of the game. I'll just quickly say that the build up of Area 51, from the leaked footage, and the music and the bleak colors which turn into super sterilized colors, was done so well. I bet when this game came out those levels must have felt very ominous and kind of spooky.

PS, my vote is for Tunic, but honestly I'm good with just about anything. lol.



@Utena-mobile you don't need to rush. Everyone plays at their own pace and we allways change on the first day on the month but even if you do not finish the game in its month you can still talk about later too.



So I've played the first few levels.

I absolutely love the HD graphics, the game looks amazing, it's like having the nostalgia of retro graphics without the headache of hardware limitations. I've thought this about other N64 remasters I've played like Turok and Star Wars Pod racer.

Music is excellent too. I will talk about nostalgia but it's more for the era considering I've never played this game before. I particularly like the bgm on the area 51 levels which is where I'm at now.

I like that that guy sounds like Sean Connery

Love the awkward English banter between Jo and everyone else.

I love how short the levels are too, like ten minutes a piece so far. So it feels like I am making a lot of progress in short game sessions.

I'm not amazingly fond of specifically worded objectives that in practice are incredibly vague due to lack of visual reference. I don't really know what's going on half the time. I'm just ploughing through and killing enemies and pressing A on walls until objectives tick themselves off. A lab coat just appeared in my inventory but I have now idea how I got it. Occasionally graphics make it difficult to discern objectives too, had no idea the equipment drop in the storm drains wasn't actually just part of the architecture. I've had to use a video guide to nudge me along in a couple of places.

I think seeing stuff in levels that have no function but are clearly something to do with the objectives on the harder difficulties is notable but not necessarily good or bad. Perhaps it adds a little confusion as to whether it's to do with an objective I've missed or whether it's totally irrelevant to my playthrough.

So up and down but nothing to egregious, mostly it's fine, not amazing but I really like the feels it's giving me.

I think I'm roughly a third of the way through and I'm thinking whether I would play it again. Part of me says yes, I think it's too easy on Agent (so far) and extra objectives would be nice, part of me says no because I'm not sure how much I care or how much additional objectives/difficulty would add to it.

I'll finish it at the very least, I could be sick of it by then anyway! I'll play Perfect Dark 0 and then I may return for a special agent playthrough, or at least have a go on it.


@ralphdibny Based on what you've said, I think it'd be best for you to stick with Agent difficulty just so you can get through this game once. It's a fun game but for some reason, it doesn't do a good job of getting you hooked. I feel like it's very easy to lose interest in this game.

I don't know if other people have already played Perfect Dark Zero, but I wouldn't mind voting for it at a later time. It'd be interesting to see how it fares compared to the original.


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