How To Make 20,000 Microsoft Rewards Points Per-Month With Xbox

We know how amazing Microsoft Rewards is, but did you know that if you live in a certain region and you have access to all the MS Rewards benefits currently available, you can make over 20,000 Microsoft Rewards per-month?

That's the equivalent of almost £20 / $20 worth of free Xbox credit every single month!

In this Microsoft Rewards guide, we're going to break down how you can earn 20,000 points per-month with the help of Xbox, but keep in mind that certain offers are only available in specific regions and to specific users, so while we're able to take advantage here at Pure Xbox, you unfortunately might not be able to.

So, if you want to know how to get Microsoft Rewards points fast, follow these tips and you'll be all set.

Daily Tasks

How To Make 20,000 Microsoft Rewards Points Per-Month With Xbox 1
Image: Xbox App Bonuses

Kicking off our Microsoft Rewards guide, here are some examples of daily tasks:

Bing Searches

Every day, once you've achieved Level 2 status, you can use Microsoft Bing to earn 90 points via PC searches, 60 points via mobile searches, and an extra 12 points for using the Microsoft Edge browser for some of these searches.

  • Bing Searches = nearly 5000 points per-month

Daily Set

Every day, if you log into the Microsoft Rewards dashboard on a browser or the Microsoft Bing app on Xbox, you can complete a daily set worth at least 30 points per-day, and you'll get bonuses for doing this daily as well.

  • Daily Set = over 1000 points per-month

Daily Achievement

If you complete an achievement in any Xbox or PC Game Pass game, you can claim an extra 50 points per-day. Yes, this might become a challenge over time, but it's a great excuse to try some games you wouldn't normally play. Once you've completed an achievement, go to the Xbox Game Pass app on console to redeem your 50 points.

  • Daily Achievement = 1500ish points per-month

Daily Check In

If you use the Microsoft Bing app on mobile, you can earn around 100 Microsoft Rewards points per-week as part of the "Daily Check In" feature, which simply requires you to hit the "Rewards" tab and then press "Day 1" (or whatever day you happen to be on) as part of the "Daily Check In" tab.

  • Daily Check In = 400ish points per-month

Read To Earn

Scroll down a little lower than the "Daily Check In" feature on the Bing app for Android and iOS, and you should hopefully also see an option called "Read To Earn". Hit this, and you'll be able to read a bunch of Microsoft Bing news stories for 30 Microsoft Rewards points per-day. This feature is targeted at certain users and only appears at certain times, so you never just know when it'll appear...

  • Daily Check In = 900ish points per-month

MSN Shopping Quizzes

The MSN Shopping website is currently allowing you to complete daily quizzes with a maximum of 100 points on offer per-day. There are a few caveats involved with this, such as the fact that the system sometimes has a few issues and you actually need to get all the answers right, but the potential is there for thousands of points per-month.

  • MSN Shopping Quizzes = Up to 3000ish points per-month

Xbox App Bonuses (Certain Users)

If you're lucky enough to have been selected for the Microsoft Rewards trial on the Xbox App on mobile, you can do a few things to get Microsoft Rewards points fast on a daily basis. Go onto the app, click your profile image in the bottom corner, and then you'll see what's on offer.

The key thing here is that if you complete all the tasks regularly, which include playing a PC game and playing a PC game "with friends" (which just means playing with anyone online), you'll be able to earn over 300 points per-day via this method, so it's definitely worth trying if you haven't explored the option yet.

  • Xbox App Bonuses = over 9000 points per-month

MSN Workouts And Mindfulness Sessions

The MSN Health website allows you to take part in special workouts and mindfulness sessions in which you can earn around 50 points for completing two of them per-day. Two is the max you can do in a 24-hour period, and the caveat is that you must watch these videos from start to finish, with the majority taking around 30 minutes each.

Update (July 2023): Unfortunately, these workouts and mindfulness sessions aren't currently giving out any Microsoft Rewards points, and we're still waiting to see if the rewards will return.

  • MSN Workouts and Mindfulness Sessions = over 1000 points per-month

Weekly Tasks

How To Make 20,000 Microsoft Rewards Points Per-Month With Xbox 2
Image: Weekly Treasure

Next in our Microsoft Rewards guide, here are the weekly tasks you can do to earn points:

Weekly Set

Just like the daily set, you can complete a weekly set with Microsoft Rewards - but this is done via the Microsoft Rewards app on your Xbox console. It involves completing three simple tasks per-week, and once again you can rack up bonuses over time where you're gifted thousands of points for getting a streak going.

  • Weekly Set = at least 400 points per-month

Extras (Xbox Dashboard)

Another compliment to the daily sets is that you can complete extra little tasks on the Microsoft Rewards dashboard such as clicking links and completing quizzes. The quantity of these changes over time, but you're looking at quite a few of them showing up every week. Keep an eye on that dashboard to see what new offers crop up.

  • Extras = around 600 points per-month

Weekly Treasure

If you're booting up your Xbox around once per-day, keep an eye on the Microsoft Rewards app as at some point every week, a "Weekly Treasure" option appears on there for 100 points, and all you need to do is click it before it leaves.

  • Weekly Treasure = 400 points per-month

Monthly Tasks

How To Make 20,000 Microsoft Rewards Points Per-Month With Xbox 3
Image: Monthly Bonus Round

Finally, here are the monthly tasks you can complete with Microsoft Rewards:

Monthly Bonus Round

At the start of every month, Microsoft Rewards gives Xbox owners the chance to complete a Monthly Bonus Round punch card, which requires completing some fairly basic tasks for a chance to acquire 1000+ MS Rewards points.

  • Monthly Bonus Round = 1000 or more points per-month

Monthly Punch Cards

You'll sometimes see a monthly punch card available for around 500 points near the start of the month on Xbox, and this usually involves just completing a few achievements across a selection of games, but you also might find extra punch cards made available at random times, including some exclusive to the Microsoft Rewards dashboard on browsers.

  • Monthly Punch Cards = usually around 500 points per-month

Xbox Game Pass Quests

Every month, you can complete a variety of Xbox-specific challenges called Xbox Game Pass Quests, which we provide a guide for here at Pure Xbox every single week. You're looking at an extra 1500+ Microsoft Rewards points per-month by doing this, and the key thing is that they're generally pretty enjoyable to complete!

  • Xbox Game Pass Quests = over 1500 points per-month

If you follow our Microsoft Rewards guide, you'll be making at least 20,000 points per-month.

The only downside is that, as we said before, some of these offers aren't available to certain Xbox users for a variety of reasons, and therefore your ability to earn 20k points might be limited. In any case though, if you live in a region that supports Microsoft Rewards, you should at least be able to make multiple thousands every month.

Hopefully this has been useful for you, but feel free to leave questions in the comments below!

How many Microsoft Rewards points do you make per-month? Tell us.

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