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@BAMozzy yeah I'm thinking of grabbing the next version of the ROG phone for streaming. Currently 7 ultimate is the best one, I'm happy to wait for the 8 and finally pick one up. Makes sense, I hate my current Samsung.

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@themcnoisy Each to their own of course - I tend to use my RoG Ally for 'on the go' Streaming and my mobile is used as a 'traditional' mobile and my Samsung S10+ is more than adequate for my needs.

I'd rather not rely on 'touch screen' controls myself so the Ally suits my needs 'better' and at £700, is 'cheaper' than most new Phones. I don't bother to try and stream over Mobile Networks as these are more 'limited' on Bandwidth and therefore capped to 720/60 where wifi/hardwired Internet connections are limited to 1080/60.

I must admit, I do like some of the RoG phones but have a 'better' solution for my needs/preferences and I'd only be buying a Phone to replace a phone that does 'everything' I want a Phone to do but as I said, each to their own - at least we have 'options' as a consumer these days.

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