Update: The digital release date for F1 Manager 2023 has now been confirmed as July 31st, 2023. The Deluxe Edition includes four days' worth of early access along with an Exclusive Scenarios Pack.

The price for the standard version is £44.99 / $54.99, while the Deluxe is £54.99 / $64.99. Pre-orders are available from today on the Xbox Store, although keep in mind that a physical edition will also be available in the future.

Here's a bit more information about what you can expect from F1 Manager 2023:

"Across every lap, the player’s decision making will be put to the test. Intense battles or a mistake will affect a driver’s confidence, a new system which guides players on the balance between risk and reward on-track. Fluctuating surface and carcass tyre temperatures will challenge Team Principals to react to changing ambient track conditions as they aim to deliver results for the board. Knowing when to push and when to play it safe is more important than ever before, with dramatic overtakes and corner collisions capturing the heightened emotions of every moment.

Fans will experience unprecedented control over every facet of their team’s development. The new Sporting Director provides the opportunity to train the team’s pit-crew to mitigate costly mistakes, while drivers now develop following their directed development focus, and players can look to the future with more certainty by scouting talent from the fully simulated F2™ and F3™ Championships, negotiating contracts for the following season to ensure multi-year success. Vital to improving pace across the course of a season is the development of new car parts, where a balance of considerations between performance, weight and cost will challenge players’ management skills."

Original story: Frontier Developments has announced today that the second entry in the F1 Manager series entitled "F1 Manager 2023" will be heading to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at some point in Summer 2023.

Compared to last year's game, F1 Manager 2023 promises "deeper management systems, more dramatic racing, and an even greater commitment to authenticity". We enjoyed the first entry in the series, although mentioned that certain aspects felt a bit unrealistic, so we're hoping F1 Manager 2023 will be able to take things to the next level.

We'll throw more details about F1 Manager 2023 down below, along with some screenshots.

"Frontier Developments unveiled today F1® Manager 2023, the next instalment in the officially licensed Formula 1® management simulation series, with deeper management systems, more dramatic racing, and an even greater commitment to authenticity."

"F1® Manager 2023 comes even closer to the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™ with the brand-new Race Replay mode, which will allow aspiring Team Principals to rewrite key moments from throughout the 23-race season. Additionally, in the returning Career mode, players will enjoy a suite of highly requested feature developments, adding new dimensions to the sporting drama at every turn."

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