What is Domino Kiu-Kiu

Kiu-kiu dominoes game is not always synonymous with gambling but mere entertainment. In the habit of family feasts some tribes, such as at weddings and other, often people playing dominoes kiu-kiu merely for entertainment without using money. If they for example use of money, usually with little or sometimes even money bet that the winner used to buy food or drinks to be consumed together. Kiu-kiu domino game today is not always done in the meeting physically but also online, such as the services offered games online poker agent or agents online gambling.

What is Domino Qiuqiu

Having previously explained the game Domino BeritaPoker.net Ceme. This time BeritaPoker.net friend will get knowledge of how the game Lapakqq of dominoes qiu qiu or qq or domino domino-qiu qiu. This is due to the diversity of writing naming Domino kiu-kiu / qq / Qiu-qiu formed by oral culture is not the culture of writing.

Domino card kiu-kiu, consisting of 28 cards each card has a different value that can be played from 2 to 6 players. Kiu-kiu Domino players will be given four cards, in principle, the highest card value will be the winner. How to calculate the value-kiu kiu Domino Cards are 4 pieces of a given card, we have to combine 4 cards into two pairs of values. See this picture:

Value Cards Domino kiu-kiu seen from two cards are summed by taking the numbers behind it, if the sum card is more than 10 or more than 20 then the values that were just behind it.

Each player will be given 3 Card Domino kiu-kiu first, the first occasion when the cards are dealt 3 pieces of each player are able to bet or raise a bet each other to take the card to 4. If one player does not follow that the proposed bet other players then the player is not entitled Domino 99 to take the card to 4 and in declared lost. The second occasion is when every player has to get cards 4 or the last card, the betting is done to determine the winner. Winner Game Domino kiu-kiu be seen from the combination of two (2) pairs of cards that is the highest.

If the game Domino kiu-kiu ended with the result Series / Draw then the victory is determined by pitting highest in custody have every player. In case if there is no custody among the players, it is determined by looking at the player who has the highest spheres.